Oh my God! Xams

A new season will be soon added to the calendar- Xam season. Till this date it has remained only in feeling  but now it must be scientifically represented. It is so unique. The season brings no sleep and only selfish hardwork. Refreshing breezes blow to find the young fellas sweating. It is the perfect  season for Halloween. Every morning puffy eyed vampires walk across the street in groups armed with knowledgable weapons. Everyday wars are fought against sheet and paper.
This season I want to arm my fellow sufferers with some useful tips-
1. While giving a test, try and finish the longer questions first.
2. In a science exam draw a figure in a long question whenever possible.
3. Write clearly and neatly.
4. Never omit a question. U will get some marks even if ur answer is shorter than needed.
5. A common mistake- When up are told to compare between two things, write both the differences & similarities.
6. While differentiating two or more things, make another column in which write the
feature or virtue by which you are differentiating the two.
Keep in touch for more tips!Gdn8.

Kane & Abel

Hey guys! I recently read an awesome novel-Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer. This novel is about two boys born on the same day in two different parts of the world. Kane is the son of a Boston millionare while Wladek(Abel) is a poor Polish immigrant. Both the men are destined for greatness. We follow them through their life  journey in which they come together to save each other and finally destroy each other. The book efficiently displays the irony of life- man’s rise to fall in moments, happiness to sadness in seconds, life to death within a blink of eye. Though I must admit that there are more deaths in this book than the hairs on my uncle’s head, this book is a must for adventure lovers and the emotional kind. Just have a go through it.