Gender Inequality in India- A New Angle

In India are male and female really equal?
It is a common debate topic today. I shall say no if anybody asks me that. Why?
Still female are not considered equal as male. If they were literacy rate in India wouldn’t have been 82.14% for men and only 65.46% for women.The conditions for women have improved by far, specially in educated societies. Women have tried and succeeded in every category. But women are still not seen as  head of houses , bread-earners and as Independent beings. There is saying-
“A woman is always dependent- As a child on her father, as a lady on her husband and as and old woman one her son.”
If woman are considered equal to men, why is it I ever had to hear this with my own ears. When a girl is born the prime concern of parents becomes her marriage, while for a boy it would be his carrier.
I agree with some of the action the government has taken. Economic support for a girl child- specially for a meritorious student-has become necessary. Concessions on school fee is convincing parents- specifically from poor families- to send their girl child to school.
Then also, I disagree to the presence of any quota system for girls. Girls shall study on their merit. I do not like the system of reservation of seats for woman on trains and buses. It creates the effect that women are weak. An exhausted person has to give up a seat on a bus just to make space for a woman to relax her legs. This is simply not justice.
I agree god has not given a woman as much physical strength as a man. But we can and must build our body for stability and self-protection. I advocate the starting of body-building programmes  like gym and karate classes rather thanks opening of new women trains. It may even help in decreasing the no. of harrasement cases. Thats all for today. Thank you for caring to read my ideas. Gdn8

4 thoughts on “Gender Inequality in India- A New Angle”

  1. The idea of equality does not hold true for mankind. However hard those books try or the leaders preach, we just don’t seem to grasp the meaning of it. There is only one rule for any living being.. dominate, or be dominated. Just like in animals, eat or be eaten. Men and women are different, the latter a tad more timid. The difference was meant to be appreciated and appreciated. Women look up to men for strength and support. As you mentioned, they are way behind in terms of physical strength. Due to lack of social awareness or a proper education, many women do not get to be financially independent also. So they fall in the dominated part of the society. Anyway, the point I wanted to make is that there is no such thing as gender inequality. Inequality is everywhere. Difference in social strata. The rich and the poor.Life itself has no place for the weak.

    1. Oh no! Equality has a very simple meaning.Its a state where you are let free to do what you want. You are not dragged back, you are not imprisoned, you are let to be yourself. It does not matter if you are provided with resources or not but you are let to use them if available.Maybe a person does not believe in you, but the person should not express that there is no hope for you. Equality means that you are let to be yourself. Equality is probably another name for freedom. Is freedom also unattainable?

  2. It’s not unattainable..but the bud is nipped; the flower is not allowed to blossom. Souls are restrained by the so-called rule-makers of the society ;the head of the house. May be they think the balance of the social life will be disrupted, if women get too much involved with the outside world ,who will do the household chores, who will take care of the children? Or they are insecure, womenkind having being showed superior performance in so many spheres. Eitherways, we are still so far from being equal. Freedom sounds Utopian. We can at least hope for a day where women get what they deserve.

    1. Who made rules of society? By which law do we have to follow it? Were the rules enacted by an elected committee? Did this committee consist of the voice of half the population-of the woman?

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