Man is a bundle of emotions

We can know of a person entering this world when we hear a single person crying above a roar of human laughter. Human cries and sighs, human smiles and laughs, scolds and loves. You know human for happiness he feels. Human strives for happiness- which is his ultimate goal. In a human’s lifetime many times he falls down. Many times he is punished for his own mistakes and that of others. How does he rise then? Sometimes defeat makes a person to work harder. His will, his anger all want him to win. Jealousy in a person’s mind aggrevates her to compete. Love in a person’s soul welcomes peace, sometimes war. Sentiments play a huge role in our life. It decides upon enimity and friendship. A person feels but doesn’t understand the diverse range of emotions. A family is set up with emotions. Feelings tie men into a chain. It affects a person’s we work. It may decide life and death. Upset people are not the people who can run the world. Human is a passionate being. Human is such a vast bundle of emotions, it if difficult to understand one.

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