Orgia- The Mystery Unsolved

Guys! I am in terror. They are talking of taking me to a psychiatrist. An actual doctor who is mad enough to treat the mad. But I am not mad and when would they understand that. I need to tell the world my version of the episode. I wish someone could make them understand. So here it goes-
I got this news last week on Monday. A news which has turned out to be really nauseating. My aunt had called my father telling him that my cousin Orgia was missing. She is still missing and whats more is that with accordance to her name, she is left me in utter mystery.
Orgia is a great cousin, not for being a homework helper, very intelligent or very witty, but for being a zero in all those things. With her wandering, unfocused eyes and a huge belly, she always makes a good object to laugh at. Looks like she is punishing me today for ever teasing the good, unprovoked girl. Now, you must know that why I stated those words which I stated above. So here it goes.again.
Two days after the phone call, two police officers landed up at our house with cigarette smelling mouths and a hefty diary which I recognized to be Orgia’s. I could never fathom how could she fill those diaries of her without having any sense of language or fun. Another mystery! Unfortunately that day it was cleared.
The taller of the two police men summoned. As I had never heard that a police inquiry is typically enjoyable, I responded to the summon with considerable fear and sat down in the opposite chairs to the officers in green. They asked a few common questions about Orgia- her behaviour, friends and fear. Then they came to the point. The shorter of the two handed me the open diary with the instruction to read it and explain any thing I could. With difficulty I read the most bizarre handwriting possible. After reading two pages marked by two consecutive dates, I first time imagined that I had be better off reading biology and about Dead man’s finger. The pages contended the following ( I am editing the thing a bit to make the writing legible)-
Friday, 19 October, 2012                  7:30PM
I am in big trouble. Today the results came out and I have failed in everything except Hindi. Oh God! Papa would want to know my results when he returns home anytime now. I am gonna get a fair beating today.
When I had completed my exams I felt so light hearted. The exams had gone fairly well for me but it seems that I had written nothing but rubbish. Oh no! Here the bell goes. Dad has arrived. Wish me luck!

(t2 says: If that exams were fairly well for her, what happens if they go bad? I once had recommended khanacademy website for her to use. Looks like she didn’t listen)

Saturday, 20 October, 2012              10AM
Tell me why? Why these things only happen to me? Why do I always have to fail? My cousins all have scholarships and they are gonna go off to all the big colleges. And I am gonna sit here and get thrashing. U know, I have eaten nothing since breakfast at 7AM. My stomach hungers for something.  Mamma says I only eat and do no work to use up the energy. Tell me- What does eating have to do with work and energy? There is a chapter in our book-‘Work, Power and Energy’ but no ‘Food, Power Energy’ And which person can stay without food from 7AM to 10AM? 2 long hours. ( t2 says: Poor girl. Can not even subtract.)
U know, I even cried for 2hrs last night. Around 10 o’clock when I was still crying t2 called (t2’s reaction: What?) on my new mobile which I had got from the 2nd hand market. I picked up the call. She heard me crying and asked me what happened. I told her everything. She was so compassionate, so unusual for her. ( t2’s reaction: And I thought she couldn’t crack a joke!) She told me she had help me to get on. She did give me the reference to a good student helper website once. I had lost the adress link unfortunately at that time. She told me to meet her at Alina Park today at five. I hope I can put her help to good use.

The police men said that she did leave for the park but never retued. How could I help them? Forget that day, I probably have never called Orgia my whole life. It might have been a figment of her imagination. I told them to check my call register ,which had an unusually long memory, positive that they won’t find anything. They did. At the precise time at which is mentioned in the ghostly diary, a call had been made from my mobile to Orgia’s. Whoever had done that, it was not me. Everyone coaxed me to tell the truth but what for? I was telling the truth.
The next question came,” Where were you on Sunday?”
” Rituparna’s” A call was made to her house and they found out I was not there which I knew that they would found out sooner or later. Where I had gone I told them reluctantly but which was the truth and was confirmed. Where I had gone is a secret I can not mention here but it was nowhere near where lay the suspicion.
They asked me a hundred question a hundred times to which I answered a hundred times with the truth. But the torture is not yet over. My parents coax me, scold me and now even have almost boycotted me. As I told you they are actually making me mad by saying that I am mad.
I am being punished for stating the truth.But I maintain the truth(except which I can see no other way out) My mother once retorted to my answers,”Yes, as if a ghost had crouched into ur room while u were sleeping and called ur cousin.” What if……

Planet 7D

My mother asked me yesterday if any 7D movie was running in City Centre 2. I checked out the bookmyshow app and saw that it was a film named Rescue that was in 7D format. But what on the earth is 7D?
My mother told me whatever information she had gathered through her daily used telecommunication to her sister. A teen’s curiosity was immediately awakened.
So, our next job was to somehow get the money out of my father’s pocket. It was done as usual- hello papa, puchu papa, the best papa in the world, thankyou papa.
We were able to complete this job successfully.
Today we went to see the show. I won’t waste my time telling how we at last found the hall where the 7D movie is being shown as it is a long and winding and boring story.
Anyway, when at last we found our way to the ticket counter the man on duty explained the movies showing. We had the choice between the 2pm show of Rescue which would taken 10mins and Rs.120/person to amuse us while the other combo movie which included a roller-coaster ride and took Rs.200/person for enjoyment of 20 mins. We as usual chose the cheaper one.
We were shoved into the hall at around 2o’clock. The tiny hall consisted of 3 rows with 8 seats each. We were directed to the uppermost row where we sat and struggled to tie our seat belts. After the hall became full and we had managed to tie our seat belts  a man distributed glasses among us. I put it on over my spectacles and suddenly the letters came out of the screen.
Then stars began shooting at us like bubbles. We travelled to a new planet- Planet 7D.
The movie started. A cartoon grandpa was sitting in the Balcony with his grandchild on a swing which was swinging and so were we. The Grandpa began telling the story of a great tragedy which occured long, long ago-
We were under the ocean, our chairs rocketing with the current. Then we came out, onto the Earth, above a big city. The animals knew something was coming. The dolphins.had moved away, rats and cockroaches were seeking shelter. Yak! They passed over our legs. I raised the legs to shake off the dirty creatures when it started. The whole Earth was vibrating. My first Earthquake experience started. The building gave away. We were falling down and down. Then we were in a car- racing through the road, jumping over cars. Oh my God! There was a huge crack on the road. We were all gonna die. The car was speeding and we took a huge leap. Thank God! We missed falling by inches. Again was rocketing on the bridge when it also gave away! We rolled downwards and hit the road. Then a building lit up with fire. There was chaos and lightning. First I screamed, then another screamed and then another.
Then a tsunami started. We rolled around along with a ship. There was water everywhere. Everything was submerged. We could feel water hitting us. Good that the rescue team came. We were all saved!
Then again we travelled to the present where the city had been rebuilt. Here ended the movie and our excitement.
Guys! Its something you can’t miss.

Note: Kolkata citizens, if u want to see the movie, go to CC2. You will find a stair near The Tea Shop. Climb it and go to the 1st Floor. You would see a Glass Door. Open and enter.
Keep going straight and u will find Planet 7D in any one side.
I may exaggerate. Never the less, it had been the Ultimate Viewing Experience.
No need to hurry! The hall is permanent and always waiting for you.

Ever enchanting- Charles Dickens

Dickens is probably the greatest author of the Victorian Era and still continues to entertain masses today. As a young reader I want to share my views on him. I am hardly a qualified judge to criticize the great writings but I shall continue this in the hope that I can help the youth and old to find and read some of the best literature possible. To begin with cons, the books are too much long. They don’t agree with
the 21st century moto,” Short and sweet does the trick.” But the positive side is that a Dickens story would never bore you at any point. Dickens possessed the unique ability to create humour humour in the saddest moments.
Nobody can describe a child’s wonder better than him- specially of orphans. And ‘Orphans’ are always a part of his books. Not a single book written by him that I am fortunate enough to know of doesn’t seem to have the necessity of having a sad, unfortunate, poor and desperate orphan. I mean an orphan may have good money and lovely relatives. But unfortunately the basis of all Dickens novel is sadness. Yet you won’t be amused more by any other author(except Wodehouse probably).
Nobody finishes or starts better. Dickens- he makes you wonder.

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged is one of my favourite books. People say it is the most influencial books of the century. I have some points for and against it. Readers may decide how much truth is there in this statement.
1. I agree with most of the ideas presented in the book.
I agree with the writer’s quote ” The worst kind of man is the man without a purpose.”
The writer expresses that getting of the undeserved is against human moral which the truth yet unaccepted.
Lastly the tramp’s view that no one
should give up without a try is an Universal Truth.
2. The plot is really interesting
and the ideas are presented in a very convincing way.
3. The society is described fairly enough.
4. I do appreciate the writer’s way of describing events.

1. The book is too long to read. One idea is repeated over and over and very few can have the patience to read the book.
2. The whole book seems to be fitted around one idea. The ideas are not fitted around real life.
3. Rearden’s treatment of his mother is unacceptable.
4. The perfectness of the protagonists is very unnatural and quite unacceptable.
5. The way in which Rearden became an industrialist should have been described. People’s life doesn’t change from labourer to millionaire so easily.

How much should u talk?

Varieties of people exist in our world- such a diversity. But do you know what is the best way to categorize people? According to their talking habit. It always gives a preview of their personality.

There must be some colleagues of  yours whom you haven’t heard for a century , some whose presence can be heard from a mile away. Some may be selective speakers, some good speakers or some may go on repeating one story for a thousand times  till you are bored to death. Some voices are cheerful and others droning.

The way you interact or talk matters a lot. But where? In interviews, in group discussions,  in teaching jobs and obviously for publicity and popularity How can we talk so we may sound interesting? I can be a little help up here if you are not already bored by my droning.

My fellow students. Are you preparing for a speech. Here are some tips for you-
1. Always keep your introduction small. Try and add something small and new(funny if possible) in your intro that interests public at first. Try a short story or a good quotation. For e.g; If I have to speak on the topic ” Learning from Experiences” I could start with the story of M.K.Gandhi’s first experience of apartheid and what change came over him after that.

2. Look directly on public. Try not to look above as it gives the impression that you have memorised  what you are saying.

3. Give expressions. When you are speaking about something sad, let your voice flow slowly and lightly. When talking about revolution, make your voice sound brave and defiant.
If you are relating a happy experience smile slightly but do not giggle or laugh.

4. Sound confident. Never mind how nervous you are.

5. Do not stop even if you forget something. Move to the next line. Convert the line into a mystery if possible.                                                               ”

Free advice hai, lena hai to lo warna chod do.”
– Three Idiots