How much should u talk?

Varieties of people exist in our world- such a diversity. But do you know what is the best way to categorize people? According to their talking habit. It always gives a preview of their personality.

There must be some colleagues of  yours whom you haven’t heard for a century , some whose presence can be heard from a mile away. Some may be selective speakers, some good speakers or some may go on repeating one story for a thousand times  till you are bored to death. Some voices are cheerful and others droning.

The way you interact or talk matters a lot. But where? In interviews, in group discussions,  in teaching jobs and obviously for publicity and popularity How can we talk so we may sound interesting? I can be a little help up here if you are not already bored by my droning.

My fellow students. Are you preparing for a speech. Here are some tips for you-
1. Always keep your introduction small. Try and add something small and new(funny if possible) in your intro that interests public at first. Try a short story or a good quotation. For e.g; If I have to speak on the topic ” Learning from Experiences” I could start with the story of M.K.Gandhi’s first experience of apartheid and what change came over him after that.

2. Look directly on public. Try not to look above as it gives the impression that you have memorised  what you are saying.

3. Give expressions. When you are speaking about something sad, let your voice flow slowly and lightly. When talking about revolution, make your voice sound brave and defiant.
If you are relating a happy experience smile slightly but do not giggle or laugh.

4. Sound confident. Never mind how nervous you are.

5. Do not stop even if you forget something. Move to the next line. Convert the line into a mystery if possible.                                                               ”

Free advice hai, lena hai to lo warna chod do.”
– Three Idiots