Ever enchanting- Charles Dickens

Dickens is probably the greatest author of the Victorian Era and still continues to entertain masses today. As a young reader I want to share my views on him. I am hardly a qualified judge to criticize the great writings but I shall continue this in the hope that I can help the youth and old to find and read some of the best literature possible. To begin with cons, the books are too much long. They don’t agree with
the 21st century moto,” Short and sweet does the trick.” But the positive side is that a Dickens story would never bore you at any point. Dickens possessed the unique ability to create humour humour in the saddest moments.
Nobody can describe a child’s wonder better than him- specially of orphans. And ‘Orphans’ are always a part of his books. Not a single book written by him that I am fortunate enough to know of doesn’t seem to have the necessity of having a sad, unfortunate, poor and desperate orphan. I mean an orphan may have good money and lovely relatives. But unfortunately the basis of all Dickens novel is sadness. Yet you won’t be amused more by any other author(except Wodehouse probably).
Nobody finishes or starts better. Dickens- he makes you wonder.