There have been Developments!

Protesters have reached Rashtrapati Bhavan(President’s House). Protesters jumped barricades set up by the police on Friday. Police had to use water-gun to stop the people. Anger wells up in people and the fire grows stronger day by day. I read in news papers yesterday that some improvements have been announced. They are given below-

  • Women can call 100 to seek assistance to go home at night.

  • Cops to crack down on all vehicles with tinted glasses, curtains.

  • 24-hour cover for areas around malls, discos, eateries and cinema halls. PCR vans are supposed to patrol main roads around Metro stations, major colonies.

  • Number of PCRs shall be raised from 635 to 940.

  • 5% staff from specialized police units to be deployed on night duty toll 1am.

  • All police vans shall have GPS units.

But whatever we may do, situation is not gonna change till people’s mind do. People’s mind is not gonna change till equality is created. Equality shall only be created when all women can stand on their feet. When all women become self-dependent. So girls I request you all to rise to that level where you can defy the world. stand up for your rights and do your duties responsibly. Then only the view of the men may change. 

 Remember that only a woman can save another woman.