Write a letter to yourself!

Write a letter to yourself!

Write to your future self and unlock a portal to the past, says Swati Daftuar.

This is an incredibly great idea that I read on The Hindu. Wanted to share it with my readers.

The Golden Era of Music

Been listening to some old Hindi and Bengali movie songs. The melody and the lyrics again enchanted me. I could have listened to those songs for days at an end. Most unfortunately, one of the greatest singers of that era Manna Dey has passed away a few days ago. But he left an immense contribution to Indian songs.  His songs like Laga Chunri Mein Daag, Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli, Hoyto Tomari Jonyo, etc will remain alive till the apocalypse. As Shakespeare would have put it-

Not marble, nor gilded monuments shall outlive his powerful song.

Here is a link to some of the best songs in this world sung by Manna Dey, the golden voice of Indian Cinema-


Society’s Psyche

In this life I wonder, indeed, who am I? Am I anything to the people I love most? In this world full of people and deeds I have hardly anything to account for. Maybe I am a parasite who feeds on this society’s thoughts and fuels her body with its food. Everything I am, everything I aspire to be is borrowed. But maybe first in my life I had some almost uninfluenced thought, at least something I have not heard anyone speak. I at last got the perceptions of the society and how it makes things. You know, human psyche is not that complex as it seems to be. If you are an outsider coming from a desolate land into this society, you would understand every person’s thought if you knew enough history about that particular person. You would be able to judge how she exactly is because whatever she is, is shaped by the circumstances she had been through or which society is she from. Even her perception of herself is what society taught her. I write because my society has told me I am a good writer. Maybe another society will believe that to be wrong. So we are all influenced. Some influences are rather big. An example may be the perception of a woman.  It changed as society changed. It was but a few centuries ago that it was thought inappropriate for a woman come out of a veil, forget traveling alone miles away from home. We all know the present scenario and we believe it to be right. Because society’s perception has changed. So a man’s psyche is not that complex, it is the society’s psyche which is complex. Several men’s change in point of view also deviate the society’s point of view. How does one’s point of view change?  How can a man think ahead of time? Maybe time has initiated the process of change of revolution. It is the Nature’s way of entertainment. Change lives and make a new story. So change goes on. So the last question I shall ask and shall not answer is how nature initiates the change. What is the marvelous calculation behind change in society?