Forbidden Fruit


A teenager’s attempt to resist temptation for the forbidden drink expressed in the form of a poem which explicitly shows the excitement one feels when travelling into unknown terrains.

As the Cuckoo’s sound pierces the silence of dawn,

The watchman’s stick says he is gone,

When the world of men is still lost in dreamy bliss,

I tip-toe as not to cause a din,

I do not dare to disturb my mother’s unbroken sleep,

As I steal a glance of the forbidden fruit of my dreams.

As the sun reaches sky high, pierces my skin,

Smell and sweat ends all pleasant times,

As I see mother tiring herself in the kitchen,

I work behind her back to feel,

The cold bottle of sherry I recently had seen,

As mother’s eyes meet mine, I wonder if she knows whats the deal.

A glass clinks against the stone of kitchen floor,


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