Dear Outsiders,

I am a Kolkatan and if you are planning to visit Kolkata anytime soon I wish to let you know some of the things you definitely need to try out while you are here.

Let me start with my favorite first-


72953338_effc1b591b_z (1) Photo credit: soumit via / CC BY-NC-ND

Commonly known as Gol-gappa in other parts of the country, Kolkatan phuchka is like none other. Delicious with its rich spicy taste, alu, dhaniya patta (coriander leaves) and tetul-er-jol, you have to try this out. You are bound to find phucka stand all over Kolkata and its surrounding. Not all Phuchka-walas (Phuchka-maker) make equally good phuchka. So for a tourist it would be best to ask a local or simply follow the hit and trial method.


27401093553_6d0c5f341c_c Photo credit: the_digitalmonkey via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC

Don’t make your face like this. Kolkatan mishti (sweets) will put a…

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