Know me?

I am t2. I am a bit out of line thinker. I thought that sharing some of my creations with u won’t do any harm. I am also a big feminist. Just have a look through the blog. Continue doing so if u are not a fool who doesn’t like it. Wishing u all a hearty laugh.
Without wax,

P.S. I am a young Dan Brown fan.

8 thoughts on “Know me?”

  1. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

    1. I have been through your blog and I like it very much. Thanks for going through my blog. Hope you will read and give your valuable comments on my other posts.

      1. sure I will dear but the problem is time
        and I have too many to follow but please
        bear with ,e I will

    1. Namaskar. Thanks for visiting me too. Please go through the blog and share your different ideas on the education system. It would be very nice of you.

      1. Namaste

        according to wikipedia: Namaste is derived from Sanskrit and is a combination of two words, “Namaḥ” and “te.” Namaḥ means ‘bow,’ ‘obeisance,’ ‘reverential salutation’ or ‘adoration'[2] and te means ‘to you’ (dative case of ‘you’). Therefore, Namaste literally means “salutations to you.”[citation needed] ‘Namaskar’ is derived from Sanskrit and is a combination of the two words, “Namaḥ” and “kaar.” As noted above, “Namaḥ” is a salutation. “Kaar” means ‘form’ or ‘shape’ and refers to the phenomenon that the other entity (person) presents. Thus, the older salutation essentially means “I salute [your] form,” which implies an understanding that all beings in this existence are part of the surface phenomenology of Maya and that beyond the surface, so to say, all beings are part of Brahman, or the One ultimate essence that underlies, and is, all. In the same light, ‘Namah’ originates from a benevolent unselfishness or admission (“salutation”) of unity in One essence, and, therefore, ‘Namaste’ can also be interpreted (roughly) as a way of saying “Not-myself to you” (a benevolent expression of both respect and impersonality).

        no offense taken as I am American and not any authority on the tradition.

        I will check you out and comment as I am led, If you want to know my views, please spend some time on my blog. when I reach 111 followers a party with surprises will take place. are you in? 🙂

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"I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them" – Pablo Picaso

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