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Society’s Psyche

In this life I wonder, indeed, who am I? Am I anything to the people I love most? In this world full of people and deeds I have hardly anything to account for. Maybe I am a parasite who feeds on this society’s thoughts and fuels her body with its food. Everything I am, everything I aspire to be is borrowed. But maybe first in my life I had some almost uninfluenced thought, at least something I have not heard anyone speak. I at last got the perceptions of the society and how it makes things. You know, human psyche is not that complex as it seems to be. If you are an outsider coming from a desolate land into this society, you would understand every person’s thought if you knew enough history about that particular person. You would be able to judge how she exactly is because whatever she is, is shaped by the circumstances she had been through or which society is she from. Even her perception of herself is what society taught her. I write because my society has told me I am a good writer. Maybe another society will believe that to be wrong. So we are all influenced. Some influences are rather big. An example may be the perception of a woman.  It changed as society changed. It was but a few centuries ago that it was thought inappropriate for a woman come out of a veil, forget traveling alone miles away from home. We all know the present scenario and we believe it to be right. Because society’s perception has changed. So a man’s psyche is not that complex, it is the society’s psyche which is complex. Several men’s change in point of view also deviate the society’s point of view. How does one’s point of view change?  How can a man think ahead of time? Maybe time has initiated the process of change of revolution. It is the Nature’s way of entertainment. Change lives and make a new story. So change goes on. So the last question I shall ask and shall not answer is how nature initiates the change. What is the marvelous calculation behind change in society?

In the first pl…

In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards.
-Mark Twain

For years we have wanted change in our education system. But nobody has ever been able to express what exactly we want, we need. Tonight I make a desperate attempt to express my views on the educating children.

In our education system we gain a lot of knowledge. But we are not taught to distinguish between real knowledge and what is not real knowledge. Having read all the verses of Rigveda and mugging them up is not knowledge, you have to understand them, feel them and apply them. In fact we have to apply what we learn. Everyone can give lectures like me. But I am yet not applying my knowledge. Simply knowing name of a bird in fifty languages, can not tell you about the bird.

Concentration is a very important aspect for studies. We should have programs to improve concentration in students. Daily meditation and pranayam class for just half an hour can help a lot. Concentration is something you really need for memorizing and you it believe or not, memorizing is very essential.

Creativity is something that you need in every aspect of life. The students should be challenged to apply their skill and knowledge in a whole new direction, not something set in front by their ancestors. A report on global warming should not only consist of causes or solutions by scientists, it should also have a part of their idea, the actions they have taken or will take. One should be creative in whatever way they like so when they take their last breaths they could at least say that I found a new type of screwdriver.

Time management is a thing where almost everybody gets confused. Guidance from experienced people can really help the kids. To decide upon your priorities and act upon it, to have a contingency plan, to act during emergencies and to do whatever is needed at whatever time is really confusing. Kids need help in arranging their life into order.

Every school insists on discipline. But when a school is not disciplined itself- where a program does not start as planned, where a substitute teacher is not provided when one is absent, when teachers and students are disturbed during classes discipline from students can not be expected. Only a disciplined environment can make discipline possible. And I have seen institutes constituting more than thousands of students as punctual and disciplines as possible.

Student-teacher relation is very important. Teachers should be teachers not for being highly educated, they should know t teach. Teachers should interact with children in such a way that they listen to the teacher in awe. A teacher should be like an orator on stage and should let students be spellbound. Teaching is an art and I shall say this a thousand times over.

And one more important thing that an education system needs to have ,though it does not have anything to do with study, is that it needs to develop a sense of defense in the child both physically and mentally. Defensive martial arts need to be introduced to the schools. Apart from that a student should be developed in such a manner that a person is called educated only if he can stand up for himself or herself.

Students are buds. Don’t cut it. Nurture it till it blossoms. It will only then spread its beautiful aroma. Only then the bees may collect its nectar.

I want to know your views about the education system. Please share.

There have been Developments!

Protesters have reached Rashtrapati Bhavan(President’s House). Protesters jumped barricades set up by the police on Friday. Police had to use water-gun to stop the people. Anger wells up in people and the fire grows stronger day by day. I read in news papers yesterday that some improvements have been announced. They are given below-

  • Women can call 100 to seek assistance to go home at night.

  • Cops to crack down on all vehicles with tinted glasses, curtains.

  • 24-hour cover for areas around malls, discos, eateries and cinema halls. PCR vans are supposed to patrol main roads around Metro stations, major colonies.

  • Number of PCRs shall be raised from 635 to 940.

  • 5% staff from specialized police units to be deployed on night duty toll 1am.

  • All police vans shall have GPS units.

But whatever we may do, situation is not gonna change till people’s mind do. People’s mind is not gonna change till equality is created. Equality shall only be created when all women can stand on their feet. When all women become self-dependent. So girls I request you all to rise to that level where you can defy the world. stand up for your rights and do your duties responsibly. Then only the view of the men may change. 

 Remember that only a woman can save another woman.

We want justice…

Protests In Delhi

Protests are going on against the gang rape of a 23 year old girl in Delhi. She was assaulted and an iron rod struck through her. This girl is now fighting for her life in Safdarjung Hospital of Delhi. After this incident, we get a clear view of what is the state of women’s right in India. This is not the first of these incidents which has happened in India. Every day we rise to one or more such news. Women are afraid to step out of their houses now. But they have stepped out and come together to protest. We have tolerated enough. Injustice has been done to all women in this world. Any person must not be doomed to the torture this girl has gone through. The court shall decide what to do with the culprits. I request justice to be done and done fast.

Today all the women in the world and all the person who respect their mother and sister come together to end crime for all the days to come. I salute the courage of the girl who still holds on to her breadth and of those who demand for justice.

Click here to read more.

I want this site to be the start of an online campaign. If the world comes together, changes may be faster. Following are changes I think are required-

1. Bail should not be given on crimes like harassment and chemical destruction.

2. All rape cases must be fast forwarded.

3. Let security be increased. There should be more security during night.

4. The situation can not be changed till human nature is. As this is not an easy job also. Therefore it becomes necessary for women to learn self protection. I request the government to start special marshal arts training classes for girls in schools.

Do you agree with me?

Just want to know. Giving the sentence is the work of Judiciary.

Do we have an ultimate goal?


The above equation allows us to form the idea that the Universe is ever expanding. The very Universe which is said to contain all hungers for more.

Nature is never perfect, never successful or satisfied. It draws curves in a million ways but is unable to draw a straight line.

Then how come human who are children of Nature herself be satisfied with the little they have got? If they touch the moon, they crave for sun. If they touch Sun they crave for further stars.

You set a goal and then you may reach it. Then you set another goal and life goes on. Does any person after reaching a goal ever feel that,”My purpose of life is over. Now I can simply rest in peace.”

Any person, whoever on the Earth it is, dies trying to reach a goal. Then why does a man need goal if satisfaction will never come, purpose shall never be fulfilled? So why set a goal? Funny thing is that without goal satisfaction doesn’t come either.

The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain.– Aristotle

If you can understand this one quote you shall understand the answer. If not, you may as well ask me.

White vs. Black

We always associate the colour white with holiness, purity and goodness.It is this colour using which we symbolise light. We use it to represent knowledge and wisdom.  It is the colour of the divine.

While black is the colour of evil. It has a mysterious quality. Black is a hideous colour. When it is night and all the world goes dark all the fear sets in. Black represents fear and hopelessness.

The meanings of the colours are imbibed so deeply in one’s mind that even in cartoons and movies we represent Fairy Mother as white and the evil one as black. People are even discriminated due to their colour.

Why do we represent the colours in such a way?

Men fear what they can not see.

In the morning we rise with the song of birds and see light flooding into our room. We leave the dark bed to go and stand near the window. The bright light warms us. We see the world before us and feel hope rising in us. We feel the need for activity. Then the breathless day moves into a cold night. Most of us retire to bed with all sort of tension in mind. With no sight of help or familiar face.

Scientifically the sunlight is white. It consists of all colours which make the world. While black is devoid of all colours. Black is there where light is not.

So naturally nice people show a preference to white while those who we know as evil to black.

Is these convention right?

I say that it is not at all right. Many people we have given the position of being a “true man in spirit” come from the decayed parts of the society, where the water is brackish and the hut are set so close that not a single ray of light comes in. I can give you numerous other examples other than Halle Berry, Jim Carrey, Henry Edmund Martinson, Charlie Chaplin and David Geffen. While some are “demons in white”.  

To oppose racial discrimination, no better examples come into my mind than Barrack Obama. He once said-

That my father looked nothing like the people around me—that he was black as pitch, my mother white as milk—barely registered in my mind.

The most amazing thing is that there are no better co-workers than black and white. They are  two sides of the same coin. One can not live without the other. Have you ever seen a chessboard?

Diwali- The Festival Of Darkness

Light symbolises the victory of good over evil, joy, wisdom and happiness. And Diwali is the festival of Light. Though we can see that we can enjoy a lot on the day of Diwali, it brings neither wisdom nor goodness. Actually every Diwali night is succeeded by a blanket of darkness in the morning- a polluted zone.

Data taken from six places in the Capital between October 22 and November 2 show air pollution is hovering at frightening levels even before Diwali on November 13.

Carbon monoxide presence was between 1.2 mg/m3 and 2.5 mg/m3 on Diwali last year, and between 0.87 mg/m3 and 9.75 mg/m3 in 2010.

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The morning after Diwali will be covered by a smog which means bad news for Asthma patients. The worst thing every person suffering from respiratory problems(which includes a good friend of mine) has to take shelter in the houses. As we see our present procedure of celebrating Diwali is hampering the enjoyment of many people and also snatching away the sleep of everybody( My God! Somebody should put silencers in fire crackers.)
President Mukherjee said: “On the joyous occasion of Diwali, I extend my warm greetings and good wishes to my countrymen in India and around the world… I urge all Indians to try and celebrate a pollution-free Diwali.”
“Diwali is a time for festivity and happiness cutting across all faiths and cultures. It is an occasion to share our joy with those who are needy and deprived. The diyas (earthen lamps) lit on the moonless night of Diwali signify the end of the darkness of ignorance and the beginning of light that enlightens all,” he added.
So why not do something different this Diwali, something that is less injurious to our health( certainly you would choose your life over a day’s enjoyment). What could we do?
  • Lets bring some happiness on withered faces. Go to an old age home or to the house of your great-aunt and uncle. Take some sweets with you and help them do their little jobs. Listen to their stories and gain some knowledge from their experiences. You would think that spending time with the old men and women is going to be definitely boring. But they have so many things to tell and advice that you would be lost in their world. Let yourself be their secret sharers. And tell them whats on your mind. Old people are the best listeners in the world(if they can hear)
  • Visit Kali Puja pandals. You would be able to see the work of very good creative minds and the hard work they have done to convey happiness to a lot of very busy human beings.
  • Organise a ‘Get together party’ for some old friends you have not seen for many long years. Talking with them face to face would be a better way to spend time than to chat on Facebook or any other Social Network.
  • Visit the house of poor people. Give the old books and clothes you don’t need to those who need them. Buy some chocolates and distribute them among children. Play with them and tell them some stories. Try and convey some knowledge you have. After all who doesn’t like to play the role of the great wise man!
  • Give time to your family and their problems if you are not able to spare time at any other time.  And if you think you are totally bound with responsibilities spare some time for yourself. Sit down and play the neglected guitar, go out for a walk or fill your travelogue. Keep a companion with you if you like.
  •  Or simply stay home and help other guys like you to spend a pretty safe Diwali like me.
    Every time you lighten the sky, you darken your life!!!
                                      Happy Diwali!