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Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged is one of my favourite books. People say it is the most influencial books of the century. I have some points for and against it. Readers may decide how much truth is there in this statement.
1. I agree with most of the ideas presented in the book.
I agree with the writer’s quote ” The worst kind of man is the man without a purpose.”
The writer expresses that getting of the undeserved is against human moral which the truth yet unaccepted.
Lastly the tramp’s view that no one
should give up without a try is an Universal Truth.
2. The plot is really interesting
and the ideas are presented in a very convincing way.
3. The society is described fairly enough.
4. I do appreciate the writer’s way of describing events.

1. The book is too long to read. One idea is repeated over and over and very few can have the patience to read the book.
2. The whole book seems to be fitted around one idea. The ideas are not fitted around real life.
3. Rearden’s treatment of his mother is unacceptable.
4. The perfectness of the protagonists is very unnatural and quite unacceptable.
5. The way in which Rearden became an industrialist should have been described. People’s life doesn’t change from labourer to millionaire so easily.

Kane & Abel

Hey guys! I recently read an awesome novel-Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer. This novel is about two boys born on the same day in two different parts of the world. Kane is the son of a Boston millionare while Wladek(Abel) is a poor Polish immigrant. Both the men are destined for greatness. We follow them through their lifeĀ  journey in which they come together to save each other and finally destroy each other. The book efficiently displays the irony of life- man’s rise to fall in moments, happiness to sadness in seconds, life to death within a blink of eye. Though I must admit that there are more deaths in this book than the hairs on my uncle’s head, this book is a must for adventure lovers and the emotional kind. Just have a go through it.