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The Golden Era of Music

Been listening to some old Hindi and Bengali movie songs. The melody and the lyrics again enchanted me. I could have listened to those songs for days at an end. Most unfortunately, one of the greatest singers of that era Manna Dey has passed away a few days ago. But he left an immense contribution to Indian songs.  His songs like Laga Chunri Mein Daag, Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli, Hoyto Tomari Jonyo, etc will remain alive till the apocalypse. As Shakespeare would have put it-

Not marble, nor gilded monuments shall outlive his powerful song.

Here is a link to some of the best songs in this world sung by Manna Dey, the golden voice of Indian Cinema-

Life of Pi

The best video effects you will find.

Ever thought what if you ended up alone with a massive predator on a life boat? For Piscine Molitor Patel this is not just a bad nightmare, but an actual reality.

The movie ‘Life of Pi”,adapted from Yann Martel’s 2001 bestseller, follows Pissing Patel’s journey from childhood to a family man. Piscine Molitor is named after a French swimming pool which was once visited by his uncle. Angry of being nicknamed as Pissing he changes his name to the Greek letter ‘Pi’ whose mathematical value he memorises by heart. Though his name may suggest that his prime interest had been studying mathematics but he was more interested in religion and its study. So engrossed he was by God and its creation(nature) he once ventured into his father’s zoo to become friends with a tiger. He was rightly taught a lesson by his father(an atheist) for this. After that incident Pi’s life lacked adventure till he met Anandi.

Richard Parker

Poor business luck took him away from Anandi and India. His voyage to Canada was interrupted  by a nasty storm which led to his losing his family and ending up on a life boat with an injured Zebra, ‘Orange Juice’ an Orangutan, a Hyena and the only animal who lived- the Bengal tiger. The movie goes on teaching many lessons- firstly, protecting oneself from predators, then training a dangerous animal and finally becoming friends with nature’s gift. The movie explores open sky, deep ocean and uncharted mid-water land mass.

Richard Parker

Pi and Richard Parker( the tiger) had to spend a long time together captivated in a boat hungry beyond endurance. Pi tried to make fishes Richard’s meal which were not always a worthy substitute for himself. Later hunger drove Pi so desperate that he began to fight with Richard for meals. But it must be seen that one was alive for the other. So it was necessary for them to become best friends after all. They face challenges together. Pi with more brain always took the lead and after enduring a violent night in each others lap they at last find land and relief. But Pi made a mysterious discovery on the island which made him realise the meaning and feeling of life. He realised that his body was not meant to stay and decay on that island. So again he began his search  for his own species. And after many long days he was successful. Pi still wishes that he had said good-bye to Parker before he disappeared into the forest but it was never to be.

It will make you believe in God!

The movie asks many questions and challenges many norms. Pi is a boy who is born into a family of Hindu but is equally devoted to Christianity and Islam. Can he find peace, love and God through all religions? Can he follow them all together? In modern society which do we respect more- science or religion? Can animals feel the presence of God? But it starts from a simple question , the most complex question to answer- Does God exist? If you believe in the story of Pi you will surely believe in God.

The sad thing is the movie differentiates between science and religion. Does no one realise that both science and religion are searching for the same thing – the truth. And one has the need of one as of the other just like Pi and Richard.

You will love the journey!

But let not the fact that you now already know the plot stop you from investing on the tickets of “Life of Pi” because there is more to discover and to understand in the newcomer Suraj Sharma starrer. The movie has an awesome direction by Ang Lee. I have not found better scenic views in any other film. And the 3D animation can not be missed. I must also mention that each and every actor has acted each and every part in the most perfect way. And after all why shouldn’t be so if Irrfan Khan and Tabu are acting. Best of all- the film switches from humour to faith to romance to tragedy to adventure with a perfect ending.

Get ready to laugh and whimper at the same time. Good luck!         

Planet 7D

My mother asked me yesterday if any 7D movie was running in City Centre 2. I checked out the bookmyshow app and saw that it was a film named Rescue that was in 7D format. But what on the earth is 7D?
My mother told me whatever information she had gathered through her daily used telecommunication to her sister. A teen’s curiosity was immediately awakened.
So, our next job was to somehow get the money out of my father’s pocket. It was done as usual- hello papa, puchu papa, the best papa in the world, thankyou papa.
We were able to complete this job successfully.
Today we went to see the show. I won’t waste my time telling how we at last found the hall where the 7D movie is being shown as it is a long and winding and boring story.
Anyway, when at last we found our way to the ticket counter the man on duty explained the movies showing. We had the choice between the 2pm show of Rescue which would taken 10mins and Rs.120/person to amuse us while the other combo movie which included a roller-coaster ride and took Rs.200/person for enjoyment of 20 mins. We as usual chose the cheaper one.
We were shoved into the hall at around 2o’clock. The tiny hall consisted of 3 rows with 8 seats each. We were directed to the uppermost row where we sat and struggled to tie our seat belts. After the hall became full and we had managed to tie our seat belts  a man distributed glasses among us. I put it on over my spectacles and suddenly the letters came out of the screen.
Then stars began shooting at us like bubbles. We travelled to a new planet- Planet 7D.
The movie started. A cartoon grandpa was sitting in the Balcony with his grandchild on a swing which was swinging and so were we. The Grandpa began telling the story of a great tragedy which occured long, long ago-
We were under the ocean, our chairs rocketing with the current. Then we came out, onto the Earth, above a big city. The animals knew something was coming. The dolphins.had moved away, rats and cockroaches were seeking shelter. Yak! They passed over our legs. I raised the legs to shake off the dirty creatures when it started. The whole Earth was vibrating. My first Earthquake experience started. The building gave away. We were falling down and down. Then we were in a car- racing through the road, jumping over cars. Oh my God! There was a huge crack on the road. We were all gonna die. The car was speeding and we took a huge leap. Thank God! We missed falling by inches. Again was rocketing on the bridge when it also gave away! We rolled downwards and hit the road. Then a building lit up with fire. There was chaos and lightning. First I screamed, then another screamed and then another.
Then a tsunami started. We rolled around along with a ship. There was water everywhere. Everything was submerged. We could feel water hitting us. Good that the rescue team came. We were all saved!
Then again we travelled to the present where the city had been rebuilt. Here ended the movie and our excitement.
Guys! Its something you can’t miss.

Note: Kolkata citizens, if u want to see the movie, go to CC2. You will find a stair near The Tea Shop. Climb it and go to the 1st Floor. You would see a Glass Door. Open and enter.
Keep going straight and u will find Planet 7D in any one side.
I may exaggerate. Never the less, it had been the Ultimate Viewing Experience.
No need to hurry! The hall is permanent and always waiting for you.