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None are more h…

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We consider ourselves free citizens of a democratic country. But are we actually free? No we are not. We are enslaved in chains of society. We think a hundred times before doing something good till we know it is acceptable to society. We don’t think twice before doing something wrong if it acceptable to society. Society has even changed the meaning of right or wrong. Right is what is acceptable to society, wrong is that which is not. The definition of right and wrong changes with society’s whims. We change with society’s whims. If a cloth is considered fashionable by society than it is fashionable, if considered old-fashioned than it goes out of use. If a film-star wears that old-fashioned cloth then it becomes the trend of the day over-night. A person would wear it even if he likes or not. If not he would be considered unsmart, lacking personality or the stupidest thing in the world. Society leaves us with no choices. It appreciates only what he wants in another person and not what another person has.

Only a few are able to break away from the cage of society. They are the person who say,”Let public go to hell.” They are the person who rule society. In this world freedom for everyone seems impossible. Either you rule or let be ruled.

Do we have an ultimate goal?


The above equation allows us to form the idea that the Universe is ever expanding. The very Universe which is said to contain all hungers for more.

Nature is never perfect, never successful or satisfied. It draws curves in a million ways but is unable to draw a straight line.

Then how come human who are children of Nature herself be satisfied with the little they have got? If they touch the moon, they crave for sun. If they touch Sun they crave for further stars.

You set a goal and then you may reach it. Then you set another goal and life goes on. Does any person after reaching a goal ever feel that,”My purpose of life is over. Now I can simply rest in peace.”

Any person, whoever on the Earth it is, dies trying to reach a goal. Then why does a man need goal if satisfaction will never come, purpose shall never be fulfilled? So why set a goal? Funny thing is that without goal satisfaction doesn’t come either.

The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain.– Aristotle

If you can understand this one quote you shall understand the answer. If not, you may as well ask me.

White vs. Black

We always associate the colour white with holiness, purity and goodness.It is this colour using which we symbolise light. We use it to represent knowledge and wisdom.  It is the colour of the divine.

While black is the colour of evil. It has a mysterious quality. Black is a hideous colour. When it is night and all the world goes dark all the fear sets in. Black represents fear and hopelessness.

The meanings of the colours are imbibed so deeply in one’s mind that even in cartoons and movies we represent Fairy Mother as white and the evil one as black. People are even discriminated due to their colour.

Why do we represent the colours in such a way?

Men fear what they can not see.

In the morning we rise with the song of birds and see light flooding into our room. We leave the dark bed to go and stand near the window. The bright light warms us. We see the world before us and feel hope rising in us. We feel the need for activity. Then the breathless day moves into a cold night. Most of us retire to bed with all sort of tension in mind. With no sight of help or familiar face.

Scientifically the sunlight is white. It consists of all colours which make the world. While black is devoid of all colours. Black is there where light is not.

So naturally nice people show a preference to white while those who we know as evil to black.

Is these convention right?

I say that it is not at all right. Many people we have given the position of being a “true man in spirit” come from the decayed parts of the society, where the water is brackish and the hut are set so close that not a single ray of light comes in. I can give you numerous other examples other than Halle Berry, Jim Carrey, Henry Edmund Martinson, Charlie Chaplin and David Geffen. While some are “demons in white”.  

To oppose racial discrimination, no better examples come into my mind than Barrack Obama. He once said-

That my father looked nothing like the people around me—that he was black as pitch, my mother white as milk—barely registered in my mind.

The most amazing thing is that there are no better co-workers than black and white. They are  two sides of the same coin. One can not live without the other. Have you ever seen a chessboard?