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Dear Outsiders,

I am a Kolkatan and if you are planning to visit Kolkata anytime soon I wish to let you know some of the things you definitely need to try out while you are here.

Let me start with my favorite first-


72953338_effc1b591b_z (1) Photo credit: soumit via / CC BY-NC-ND

Commonly known as Gol-gappa in other parts of the country, Kolkatan phuchka is like none other. Delicious with its rich spicy taste, alu, dhaniya patta (coriander leaves) and tetul-er-jol, you have to try this out. You are bound to find phucka stand all over Kolkata and its surrounding. Not all Phuchka-walas (Phuchka-maker) make equally good phuchka. So for a tourist it would be best to ask a local or simply follow the hit and trial method.


27401093553_6d0c5f341c_c Photo credit: the_digitalmonkey via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC

Don’t make your face like this. Kolkatan mishti (sweets) will put a…

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Relationships:Drifting apart


The wind was banging against the glass pane, demanding to be let inside so it could takes its course-taking away to its fill against payment of a floor strewn with dust and debris. Rushali saw the lightning bolt strike the old Banyan tree nearby, severing it in half. The wind then attacked the tree with rage ,flinging one half of it onto a group of power-lines. Suddenly the room became dark. Rushali fell to her knees as a growling roar raged through the sky.Shaking with fear she crawled to her bed, hitting many objects in the dark. She curled herself up on the bed. Her fingers reached for the mobile. The flashlight showed her only companion in this room- her shadow.

A similar thunderstorm was fresh in Rushali’s mind. The sky was raging as the white van carried away a man’s prone body shrouded with white cloth-her father. Her tears…

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Could Kala Pani(Black Water) be so beautiful?

One of my beautiful journeys.

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Ferry Ferry

Dying Dock(All the ship come up here for repair and maintenance) Dying Dock
(All the ship come up here for repair and maintenance)

Sunset in AndamanSunset in Andaman

Middle Andaman Middle Andaman

To Baratang! To Baratang!

To limestone cave!(Through snake filled waters) To limestone cave!
(Through snake filled waters)

Neil IslandGo deep into the sea! Neil Island
Go deep into the sea!

Neil Island Neil Island(The Blue Island)

IMG_1168 Natural Bridge at Lakshmanpur Beach(2), Neil Island

Sunset at Radhanagar beach, Havelock Sunset at Radhanagar beach, Havelock

A Giant Lobster! A Giant Lobster

And in the mist of all this 'The Cellular Jail'- a dark spot on full moon. And in the mist of all this ‘The Cellular Jail’- a dark spot on full moon.

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Forbidden Fruit


A teenager’s attempt to resist temptation for the forbidden drink expressed in the form of a poem which explicitly shows the excitement one feels when travelling into unknown terrains.

As the Cuckoo’s sound pierces the silence of dawn,

The watchman’s stick says he is gone,

When the world of men is still lost in dreamy bliss,

I tip-toe as not to cause a din,

I do not dare to disturb my mother’s unbroken sleep,

As I steal a glance of the forbidden fruit of my dreams.

As the sun reaches sky high, pierces my skin,

Smell and sweat ends all pleasant times,

As I see mother tiring herself in the kitchen,

I work behind her back to feel,

The cold bottle of sherry I recently had seen,

As mother’s eyes meet mine, I wonder if she knows whats the deal.

A glass clinks against the stone of kitchen floor,


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Dear Readers,

I am glad to inform you that my H.S. exams are finally over and I am free to blog again.

I am also happy to inform you that I have started a new blog where I have been posting regularly and will continue to do so. My reasons for starting a new blog is that when I started this one I was considerably immature and irregular. My writings lacked a direction.

After listening to all of your advice, I have honed my writing skills. Of course, you all shall be the judge for that. So let me tell you about my new project-

While moving in life we fail to notice some important things. Many of us give too little importance to ourselves- our emotions, our ambitions, our choices, etc. Yet there exists a meaning behind our anger or happiness and even though they look unpredictable, we should find out what causes our emotions, what motivates us, why do we give importance to our image, how we can improve our image,etc. Though
I am no expert in psychology, I try to notice the various aspects in life that we miss in a rush. From our daily life to the joy of travelling or reading books, I want to cover it all.

So I shall be writing about the unique things in a dull world and also the uniqueness behind the dull world.

I should think if you liked reading my posts here, you shall enjoy reading my new blog even more. Here is the link-



The First Word-Tata

‘Ta-ta’ was the first word I ever spoke. Childish language and a childish smile from the cute little you can see as my graffiti made the word sound melodious. God knows why I got attracted to the word as such. Did I understand the meaning of that simple sound?Was it the melody of the repeating ‘Ta’ that attracted me? Or was it any other psychology in me that wanted to get away from people? All I know that when my mother used to bid all the numerous visitors who visited us good-bye she would carry me to the door in her arms and would say as they climbed down the stairs ‘ta ta’ which means good-bye in Bengali. Maybe it was then that I picked up the disyllabic sound and would repeat it every time the staircase came in view. I always bid good-bye to an unknown entity.

I wonder how a child learns to speak a language.He sees his father pass on the water bottle when the mother says ,”Give me water”. So he starts calling the liquid that he drinks when his throat begins getting harsh ‘water’. Simply some things, some words get ingrained. Helen Keller has written in her book “The Autobiography of My Life” that she used to read books without understanding many wonder. She wondered how these words came automatically to mind when she needed them.

A child learns without appreciating or understanding the meaning of language. She later wonders at the mystery of language. I also wonder at the mystery. How did I come about speaking the things I am speaking, writing what I am writing? i did not obviously learn the dictionary by heart to know the language. Then how come these got ingrained in my psyche? I wonder at the working of my sub-conscious mind.

I welcome all comments that can throw some light upon the subject. Thank you and “Ta-ta”. 

Society’s Psyche

In this life I wonder, indeed, who am I? Am I anything to the people I love most? In this world full of people and deeds I have hardly anything to account for. Maybe I am a parasite who feeds on this society’s thoughts and fuels her body with its food. Everything I am, everything I aspire to be is borrowed. But maybe first in my life I had some almost uninfluenced thought, at least something I have not heard anyone speak. I at last got the perceptions of the society and how it makes things. You know, human psyche is not that complex as it seems to be. If you are an outsider coming from a desolate land into this society, you would understand every person’s thought if you knew enough history about that particular person. You would be able to judge how she exactly is because whatever she is, is shaped by the circumstances she had been through or which society is she from. Even her perception of herself is what society taught her. I write because my society has told me I am a good writer. Maybe another society will believe that to be wrong. So we are all influenced. Some influences are rather big. An example may be the perception of a woman.  It changed as society changed. It was but a few centuries ago that it was thought inappropriate for a woman come out of a veil, forget traveling alone miles away from home. We all know the present scenario and we believe it to be right. Because society’s perception has changed. So a man’s psyche is not that complex, it is the society’s psyche which is complex. Several men’s change in point of view also deviate the society’s point of view. How does one’s point of view change?  How can a man think ahead of time? Maybe time has initiated the process of change of revolution. It is the Nature’s way of entertainment. Change lives and make a new story. So change goes on. So the last question I shall ask and shall not answer is how nature initiates the change. What is the marvelous calculation behind change in society?