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Who do you live…

Who do you live for?

These are words of a woman whom I deeply respect and won’t name here. This person has lost all her family one after another. The more she tried to be happy, more the loss fell into her lap. But she did not give up. She wants to live happily. She is living happily. She is presently the CEO of a box manufacturing company with a massive turnover every year. She started with nothing but she has everything- a purpose in life. This is the type of woman Ayn Rand described in her books.

Hail to woman! Hail to life!

A Worthless Life

I enjoy my life, I play, I dance, I read and I study. And after doing all this at the end of the day I realize how worthless is my life to this World, to this wide expanse of gases, of flowing liquid, of stars twinkling in shady nights, to the gravitons which are keeping me attached to the Earth, to animals, to plants and to the ingenious minds of human. Whatever I do, whatever I write does not affect anyone a bit. But do hey affect me? Do this body, this soul have any worth for me? Do I want to live? Yes, I think so. But why? I do not want to achieve anything. Whatever I see, I want to do feels worthless. What is its worth to me? This house, this food, this money, this paper,this air. To use, to waste and then to sleep. Would this thing I am writing have any worth than take up some precious moments of other’s life. But that is it. The answer is in my questions. Nobody gains nothing reading this mess but yet I write because I feel like it. It gives me a pleasure to put my thoughts out of myself, to make my head free, to relax. So why should i mind if its another piece of trash to anyone. Its serve its purpose for me.Its serves my purpose of a dustbin and i am throwing this things out. Now you may laugh at this mess I have made. You  achieve whatever you are achieving. I have achieved what I want to achieve. I have thrown this burden out of my head and i will never think of it again because it does not matter to me what happens to me. you use your art in writing, you take in my heart with your writing but I am gonna expel waste. And as I again say, I don’t care what others think. I am worthy of myself because both of us me and my soul are unworthy for this world. And so I shall rest in peace with my excuses (if you wanna call them so) worthy in my own worthlessness.

Oh my God! Xams

A new season will be soon added to the calendar- Xam season. Till this date it has remained only in feeling  but now it must be scientifically represented. It is so unique. The season brings no sleep and only selfish hardwork. Refreshing breezes blow to find the young fellas sweating. It is the perfect  season for Halloween. Every morning puffy eyed vampires walk across the street in groups armed with knowledgable weapons. Everyday wars are fought against sheet and paper.
This season I want to arm my fellow sufferers with some useful tips-
1. While giving a test, try and finish the longer questions first.
2. In a science exam draw a figure in a long question whenever possible.
3. Write clearly and neatly.
4. Never omit a question. U will get some marks even if ur answer is shorter than needed.
5. A common mistake- When up are told to compare between two things, write both the differences & similarities.
6. While differentiating two or more things, make another column in which write the
feature or virtue by which you are differentiating the two.
Keep in touch for more tips!Gdn8.