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From the last century!

I have been lucky to share my house with the lady of the last century- a person who was born in the midst of struggle and movement for freedom. She was one of those persons who heard the cries of ‘Inkalab Zindabad’ and ‘Chalo Delhi’. A highly qualified woman for that age. She was adept in more than one language, wrote wonderful poems and cooked delicacies that were no less than heavenly.
I am talking about my Grandmother, someone I grew up with and whom I greatly miss. A true fighter. Circumstances could not break her even at the age of eighty-five. She was a multi-faceted woman. A mother with unfailing love, she rode five miles everyday to buy groceries filling her three bags. What she put into her recipes is a secret between her and God but for all I know, many would have given their left hand to take a taste. The sweets used to melt in in the mouth.
It was agony on my part to bid adieu to such a charming lady. I have saved a treasure trove of memories. She will be remembered. Let her soul be as jubilant and notorious as they were on the Earth. Let her abode in heaven be peaceful.