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Incredible Kolkata!

Yesterday I received a letter from a friend. It is a unique letter with unique ideas. I think all of you should read it.

Howrah Bridge
Howrah Bridge

Dear T2,

I visited Kolkata after a long time. I couldn’t believe what I saw. We arrived in Howrah Station   on time. Coolies took our luggage out on trolleys. I saw the station. Couldn’t believe it could be Horwrah. Not a single wrapper was lying here and there. We immediately got a taxi when we came out at quite a fair price. We were travelling to another part of the city. I was taking in the scene. The roads were as clean as the station. I could see no one spitting on roads. The footpath was in a very good condition. It was decorated by faces carved on pillars. And there were unique looking dustbins. The road looked like a winding path of fairy tales.

The canals were covered with arch shaped structures. The structures contained a depression in the center where plants were grown and creepers were climbing down from the sides. You would think you have seen a mini botanical garden. There were even no stickers or ghastly writings on any wall.

And the most incredible thing is we reached uncle’s house without facing a jam. I still have to take in what had happened to our place.

Yours lovingly,


I wish to see this Kolkata also. Don’t you?