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The Real Santa

The Santa as we imagine.

Who says Santa Claus is not real? Probably Santa is not a fat old man with a flowing   white beard. But there are real Santa, not one but many. Here is a story inspired by a real person.

Aditiya Kaur was a resident of Dum Dum, Kolkata. She was an IIT, Kharagpur graduate. A very able woman as she was, she dedicated her life teaching some rarely talented students. Almost 95% of these students joined some of the finest educational facilities available in the world.

Two of them belonged to some of the most neglected slums in Kolkata where educating a child looked like walking on the moon. One came from a far distant village where nobody knew what electricity is. Another child belong to a family in a remote corner of Himalayas where survival of people is a miracle.

Apart from teaching her hobby was travelling. Wherever she traveled, she picked up some bright students just like any person would collect a curio. To these kids, she was and still is like a Fairy-Godmother. She gave them the gifts they had never dreamed of. She used the money from her private firm for their education. This Santa won’t be giving gifts any longer. But let the world see such Santa again.Hope that I shall be of more or less help to someone.

                  Santa Claus not in name but in deed.

Man is a bundle of emotions

We can know of a person entering this world when we hear a single person crying above a roar of human laughter. Human cries and sighs, human smiles and laughs, scolds and loves. You know human for happiness he feels. Human strives for happiness- which is his ultimate goal. In a human’s lifetime many times he falls down. Many times he is punished for his own mistakes and that of others. How does he rise then? Sometimes defeat makes a person to work harder. His will, his anger all want him to win. Jealousy in a person’s mind aggrevates her to compete. Love in a person’s soul welcomes peace, sometimes war. Sentiments play a huge role in our life. It decides upon enimity and friendship. A person feels but doesn’t understand the diverse range of emotions. A family is set up with emotions. Feelings tie men into a chain. It affects a person’s we work. It may decide life and death. Upset people are not the people who can run the world. Human is a passionate being. Human is such a vast bundle of emotions, it if difficult to understand one.