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Years go by but they leave something behind!

Happy New Year to all my frnds, to all the people I want to be frnds with, to those who want to be frnd of me and to my special frnd- Jyoti.

I have just be reading a blog featured on Freshly Pressed on the failures of the resolutions taken by the blogger in 2012.( A nice one.You may read it) But yrs are not only made for the resolutions you take on new year. Years are made for teaching,for learning, for creating, in short- living. And life is full of experiences. Every second,minute, hour, day brings surprises with lots of knowledge. This year 2012 has been very special for me not because I won the school Academic Prize or got double promotion at job or  gulped down the food on my wedding but because I gained some precious knowledge which shall help me getting precious knowledge every year. Following is an experience I learned from which I learned the nature of true friendship.

This January I lay with a fracture in the hospital with no visitor to visit me in this dreadful town of either too busy or too lazy people. Then I saw Jyoti enter the ward. She is my friend. We met in class four and became best friends. Till class 10th we used to eat, play, talk and study together. I being the fat class topper and her being the thinnest girl with the lowest marks did get us fighting sometimes. We sat in a class not talking to each other for a period then one of us would poke the other. The poked person would turn away showing the back to other and when she gets another poke in the back, she joins in the poking fight. All got well again. After 10th we joined different schools and different colleges and then different jobs. The contact between us seized to be.

I thought Jyoti would have somehow heard about my fracture and run to my aid. I raised my hand with a  welcoming smile. She came to my bed and then walked past it to next bed. She began talking to its occupant.I stared at her. The occupant of the next bed was to be released and she had come to fetch her.After some time the patient got into a wheel-chair and she began taking her home, when she turned around and saw me staring at her. she frowned at me and began to ask, ” Do I know………?” but didn’t complete. Her lips parted to show paan strewn teeth and she beamed at me.” Hey Tiasa, what happened? Didn’t expect to see you.” To this I replied with some sternness. Then she began to ask questions which I had to answer. And then a conversation started which went smoothly till her the patient gave a signal that they needed to go home. Jyoti came back again the next day and the day after next and the day after that ………. till I was finally released, my leg being mended.

Like any other friends meeting after a long time we shared our experienced which had not been shared before. Apparently she had scored a bit low marks and got into a polytechnic college. She had met her future life partner there whom she married after completing course. Her husband’s mother runs a NGO. She joined it and started helping others.Apparently the patient she had come to fetch was a person who benefited from the NGO  . During this time she had taken up the habit of chewing pan which I did not like.

Her type of life is far away from that of mine. She lives in a place where I hate to come for only a short business trip. Her house is old fashioned though well maintained and furnished. She lives happily with her family and I live happily with my readers. She is engrossed in helping others while I remain engrossed with my writing.But still we understand more than anyone about each other.

A friendship once formed is not easy to break. A person once loved is not easy to forget. Though everything is forgotten in course of time, some bonds never die. God send me my best friend in time of need. Some may call it telepathy. I call it friendship. If there is a friendship let it be like this.