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The Real Santa

The Santa as we imagine.

Who says Santa Claus is not real? Probably Santa is not a fat old man with a flowing   white beard. But there are real Santa, not one but many. Here is a story inspired by a real person.

Aditiya Kaur was a resident of Dum Dum, Kolkata. She was an IIT, Kharagpur graduate. A very able woman as she was, she dedicated her life teaching some rarely talented students. Almost 95% of these students joined some of the finest educational facilities available in the world.

Two of them belonged to some of the most neglected slums in Kolkata where educating a child looked like walking on the moon. One came from a far distant village where nobody knew what electricity is. Another child belong to a family in a remote corner of Himalayas where survival of people is a miracle.

Apart from teaching her hobby was travelling. Wherever she traveled, she picked up some bright students just like any person would collect a curio. To these kids, she was and still is like a Fairy-Godmother. She gave them the gifts they had never dreamed of. She used the money from her private firm for their education. This Santa won’t be giving gifts any longer. But let the world see such Santa again.Hope that I shall be of more or less help to someone.

                  Santa Claus not in name but in deed.

There have been Developments!

Protesters have reached Rashtrapati Bhavan(President’s House). Protesters jumped barricades set up by the police on Friday. Police had to use water-gun to stop the people. Anger wells up in people and the fire grows stronger day by day. I read in news papers yesterday that some improvements have been announced. They are given below-

  • Women can call 100 to seek assistance to go home at night.

  • Cops to crack down on all vehicles with tinted glasses, curtains.

  • 24-hour cover for areas around malls, discos, eateries and cinema halls. PCR vans are supposed to patrol main roads around Metro stations, major colonies.

  • Number of PCRs shall be raised from 635 to 940.

  • 5% staff from specialized police units to be deployed on night duty toll 1am.

  • All police vans shall have GPS units.

But whatever we may do, situation is not gonna change till people’s mind do. People’s mind is not gonna change till equality is created. Equality shall only be created when all women can stand on their feet. When all women become self-dependent. So girls I request you all to rise to that level where you can defy the world. stand up for your rights and do your duties responsibly. Then only the view of the men may change. 

 Remember that only a woman can save another woman.

We want justice…

Protests In Delhi

Protests are going on against the gang rape of a 23 year old girl in Delhi. She was assaulted and an iron rod struck through her. This girl is now fighting for her life in Safdarjung Hospital of Delhi. After this incident, we get a clear view of what is the state of women’s right in India. This is not the first of these incidents which has happened in India. Every day we rise to one or more such news. Women are afraid to step out of their houses now. But they have stepped out and come together to protest. We have tolerated enough. Injustice has been done to all women in this world. Any person must not be doomed to the torture this girl has gone through. The court shall decide what to do with the culprits. I request justice to be done and done fast.

Today all the women in the world and all the person who respect their mother and sister come together to end crime for all the days to come. I salute the courage of the girl who still holds on to her breadth and of those who demand for justice.

Click here to read more.

I want this site to be the start of an online campaign. If the world comes together, changes may be faster. Following are changes I think are required-

1. Bail should not be given on crimes like harassment and chemical destruction.

2. All rape cases must be fast forwarded.

3. Let security be increased. There should be more security during night.

4. The situation can not be changed till human nature is. As this is not an easy job also. Therefore it becomes necessary for women to learn self protection. I request the government to start special marshal arts training classes for girls in schools.

Do you agree with me?

Just want to know. Giving the sentence is the work of Judiciary.

Diwali- The Festival Of Darkness

Light symbolises the victory of good over evil, joy, wisdom and happiness. And Diwali is the festival of Light. Though we can see that we can enjoy a lot on the day of Diwali, it brings neither wisdom nor goodness. Actually every Diwali night is succeeded by a blanket of darkness in the morning- a polluted zone.

Data taken from six places in the Capital between October 22 and November 2 show air pollution is hovering at frightening levels even before Diwali on November 13.

Carbon monoxide presence was between 1.2 mg/m3 and 2.5 mg/m3 on Diwali last year, and between 0.87 mg/m3 and 9.75 mg/m3 in 2010.

Read more at: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/diwali-air-pollution-levels-delhi/1/227962.html

The morning after Diwali will be covered by a smog which means bad news for Asthma patients. The worst thing every person suffering from respiratory problems(which includes a good friend of mine) has to take shelter in the houses. As we see our present procedure of celebrating Diwali is hampering the enjoyment of many people and also snatching away the sleep of everybody( My God! Somebody should put silencers in fire crackers.)
President Mukherjee said: “On the joyous occasion of Diwali, I extend my warm greetings and good wishes to my countrymen in India and around the world… I urge all Indians to try and celebrate a pollution-free Diwali.”
“Diwali is a time for festivity and happiness cutting across all faiths and cultures. It is an occasion to share our joy with those who are needy and deprived. The diyas (earthen lamps) lit on the moonless night of Diwali signify the end of the darkness of ignorance and the beginning of light that enlightens all,” he added.
So why not do something different this Diwali, something that is less injurious to our health( certainly you would choose your life over a day’s enjoyment). What could we do?
  • Lets bring some happiness on withered faces. Go to an old age home or to the house of your great-aunt and uncle. Take some sweets with you and help them do their little jobs. Listen to their stories and gain some knowledge from their experiences. You would think that spending time with the old men and women is going to be definitely boring. But they have so many things to tell and advice that you would be lost in their world. Let yourself be their secret sharers. And tell them whats on your mind. Old people are the best listeners in the world(if they can hear)
  • Visit Kali Puja pandals. You would be able to see the work of very good creative minds and the hard work they have done to convey happiness to a lot of very busy human beings.
  • Organise a ‘Get together party’ for some old friends you have not seen for many long years. Talking with them face to face would be a better way to spend time than to chat on Facebook or any other Social Network.
  • Visit the house of poor people. Give the old books and clothes you don’t need to those who need them. Buy some chocolates and distribute them among children. Play with them and tell them some stories. Try and convey some knowledge you have. After all who doesn’t like to play the role of the great wise man!
  • Give time to your family and their problems if you are not able to spare time at any other time.  And if you think you are totally bound with responsibilities spare some time for yourself. Sit down and play the neglected guitar, go out for a walk or fill your travelogue. Keep a companion with you if you like.
  •  Or simply stay home and help other guys like you to spend a pretty safe Diwali like me.
    Every time you lighten the sky, you darken your life!!!
                                      Happy Diwali!