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The First Word-Tata

‘Ta-ta’ was the first word I ever spoke. Childish language and a childish smile from the cute little you can see as my graffiti made the word sound melodious. God knows why I got attracted to the word as such. Did I understand the meaning of that simple sound?Was it the melody of the repeating ‘Ta’ that attracted me? Or was it any other psychology in me that wanted to get away from people? All I know that when my mother used to bid all the numerous visitors who visited us good-bye she would carry me to the door in her arms and would say as they climbed down the stairs ‘ta ta’ which means good-bye in Bengali. Maybe it was then that I picked up the disyllabic sound and would repeat it every time the staircase came in view. I always bid good-bye to an unknown entity.

I wonder how a child learns to speak a language.He sees his father pass on the water bottle when the mother says ,”Give me water”. So he starts calling the liquid that he drinks when his throat begins getting harsh ‘water’. Simply some things, some words get ingrained. Helen Keller has written in her book “The Autobiography of My Life” that she used to read books without understanding many wonder. She wondered how these words came automatically to mind when she needed them.

A child learns without appreciating or understanding the meaning of language. She later wonders at the mystery of language. I also wonder at the mystery. How did I come about speaking the things I am speaking, writing what I am writing? i did not obviously learn the dictionary by heart to know the language. Then how come these got ingrained in my psyche? I wonder at the working of my sub-conscious mind.

I welcome all comments that can throw some light upon the subject. Thank you and “Ta-ta”.