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5 Big and Small things I could Die For!

1. To lie down on wet grass after rain and smell the aroma of the Earth.
2. To sit on the crooked branch of a tree and read fairy tales.
3. To have a golgappa (phuchka) eating competition with friends back from the old school.
4. To make the paper boats and sail them in puddles.
5. To have one little moment in complete peace and silence.

A msg from a Beach!

We r now sitting on a cemented bank before the sea. The waves r rising and falling. I can hear the sound of the restless sea. All the hawkers r moving around us and shouting the names of different products they hv. Nature has been disturbed here by human insanity. This beach is destroyed, robbed out of his beauty. This is a very common state to reach after popularity. Most of the time sea has rebounded, taken its revenge in high fury. This maddening crowd has also taken steps to avoid the sea’s outburst. And thus this beach has been more destroyed.