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We want justice…

Protests In Delhi

Protests are going on against the gang rape of a 23 year old girl in Delhi. She was assaulted and an iron rod struck through her. This girl is now fighting for her life in Safdarjung Hospital of Delhi. After this incident, we get a clear view of what is the state of women’s right in India. This is not the first of these incidents which has happened in India. Every day we rise to one or more such news. Women are afraid to step out of their houses now. But they have stepped out and come together to protest. We have tolerated enough. Injustice has been done to all women in this world. Any person must not be doomed to the torture this girl has gone through. The court shall decide what to do with the culprits. I request justice to be done and done fast.

Today all the women in the world and all the person who respect their mother and sister come together to end crime for all the days to come. I salute the courage of the girl who still holds on to her breadth and of those who demand for justice.

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I want this site to be the start of an online campaign. If the world comes together, changes may be faster. Following are changes I think are required-

1. Bail should not be given on crimes likeĀ harassmentĀ and chemical destruction.

2. All rape cases must be fast forwarded.

3. Let security be increased. There should be more security during night.

4. The situation can not be changed till human nature is. As this is not an easy job also. Therefore it becomes necessary for women to learn self protection. I request the government to start special marshal arts training classes for girls in schools.

Do you agree with me?

Just want to know. Giving the sentence is the work of Judiciary.