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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

“Mother, where should I throw the packet?” Satilekha asks her mother while travelling on a bus. “See wherever garbage is lying on the road and throw it there. There is no harm in throwing garbage at a place which is already dirty.”

This is the typical attitude of people in our country. Like a line of ants, people follow people. Garbage goes on increasing at a place where the tiniest bit of garbage is already present. Soon a clean road turns into a garbage dump. House flies infest such garbage dumps which carry pathogens from there to sweet shops. The same people responsible for throwing garbage eat such infested sweets and fall ill with cholera and dysentery. They run to the doctor cursing the poor sweet seller for selling rotten sweets. Back from the doctor’s chamber on a bus we again start throwing garbage on the road. This process begins once again.

We see that this process continues in a cyclic manner. We are responsible for our own health, for our own cleanliness. And we must take ‘help from self’. I believe that the ‘Swachh Bharat Campaign’ run by our Government is started with a purpose to cut off this chain of events and make India a better place. I do not believe in the fact that a person can run down with a broom in his hand and make the roads dust-free. To make India free of dirt we have to follow a simple procedure-

First, remove dirt from our mind i.e.; we must not have false ideas. Making India clean is our own responsibility.

Second, we must rid our self from our laziness. We can get up from the seat and throw garbage in the dustbin a few paces away from us.

Third, we must stop throwing the garbage we cannot clean. Can’t we stow empty food packets in our bags and throw them in the dustbin when we reach our homes?

Fourth, we must stop people ruining our efforts. If we find garbage thrown in the middle of the road in our colony by some family we must go in a group and reprimand such people who are harming us.

Just like ‘water drops make an ocean’, ‘little effort also makes a difference”. I am sure that all the people in India shall like to make the difference to make my dream come true. Wondering what is my dream? Here it goes-

“I am traveling in my car. My windpipe is not choked by dust and pollution. I see lush green foliages enveloping the wall of tall buildings. I see a road shining like polished silver in the wake of dawn. A sweet aroma reaches me from the words around. My heart leaps at the music which reaches my ears instead of the chaotic noise they are used to. I leave my car to embrace my country as the most beautiful place on the Earth.”

I hope that everyone has more or less the same dream for our country.