Relationships:Drifting apart


The wind was banging against the glass pane, demanding to be let inside so it could takes its course-taking away to its fill against payment of a floor strewn with dust and debris. Rushali saw the lightning bolt strike the old Banyan tree nearby, severing it in half. The wind then attacked the tree with rage ,flinging one half of it onto a group of power-lines. Suddenly the room became dark. Rushali fell to her knees as a growling roar raged through the sky.Shaking with fear she crawled to her bed, hitting many objects in the dark. She curled herself up on the bed. Her fingers reached for the mobile. The flashlight showed her only companion in this room- her shadow.

A similar thunderstorm was fresh in Rushali’s mind. The sky was raging as the white van carried away a man’s prone body shrouded with white cloth-her father. Her tears…

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