Man is a bundle of emotions

We can know of a person entering this world when we hear a single person crying above a roar of human laughter. Human cries and sighs, human smiles and laughs, scolds and loves. You know human for happiness he feels. Human strives for happiness- which is his ultimate goal. In a human’s lifetime many times he falls down. Many times he is punished for his own mistakes and that of others. How does he rise then? Sometimes defeat makes a person to work harder. His will, his anger all want him to win. Jealousy in a person’s mind aggrevates her to compete. Love in a person’s soul welcomes peace, sometimes war. Sentiments play a huge role in our life. It decides upon enimity and friendship. A person feels but doesn’t understand the diverse range of emotions. A family is set up with emotions. Feelings tie men into a chain. It affects a person’s we work. It may decide life and death. Upset people are not the people who can run the world. Human is a passionate being. Human is such a vast bundle of emotions, it if difficult to understand one.

Gender Inequality in India- A New Angle

In India are male and female really equal?
It is a common debate topic today. I shall say no if anybody asks me that. Why?
Still female are not considered equal as male. If they were literacy rate in India wouldn’t have been 82.14% for men and only 65.46% for women.The conditions for women have improved by far, specially in educated societies. Women have tried and succeeded in every category. But women are still not seen as  head of houses , bread-earners and as Independent beings. There is saying-
“A woman is always dependent- As a child on her father, as a lady on her husband and as and old woman one her son.”
If woman are considered equal to men, why is it I ever had to hear this with my own ears. When a girl is born the prime concern of parents becomes her marriage, while for a boy it would be his carrier.
I agree with some of the action the government has taken. Economic support for a girl child- specially for a meritorious student-has become necessary. Concessions on school fee is convincing parents- specifically from poor families- to send their girl child to school.
Then also, I disagree to the presence of any quota system for girls. Girls shall study on their merit. I do not like the system of reservation of seats for woman on trains and buses. It creates the effect that women are weak. An exhausted person has to give up a seat on a bus just to make space for a woman to relax her legs. This is simply not justice.
I agree god has not given a woman as much physical strength as a man. But we can and must build our body for stability and self-protection. I advocate the starting of body-building programmes  like gym and karate classes rather thanks opening of new women trains. It may even help in decreasing the no. of harrasement cases. Thats all for today. Thank you for caring to read my ideas. Gdn8

Oh my God! Xams

A new season will be soon added to the calendar- Xam season. Till this date it has remained only in feeling  but now it must be scientifically represented. It is so unique. The season brings no sleep and only selfish hardwork. Refreshing breezes blow to find the young fellas sweating. It is the perfect  season for Halloween. Every morning puffy eyed vampires walk across the street in groups armed with knowledgable weapons. Everyday wars are fought against sheet and paper.
This season I want to arm my fellow sufferers with some useful tips-
1. While giving a test, try and finish the longer questions first.
2. In a science exam draw a figure in a long question whenever possible.
3. Write clearly and neatly.
4. Never omit a question. U will get some marks even if ur answer is shorter than needed.
5. A common mistake- When up are told to compare between two things, write both the differences & similarities.
6. While differentiating two or more things, make another column in which write the
feature or virtue by which you are differentiating the two.
Keep in touch for more tips!Gdn8.

Kane & Abel

Hey guys! I recently read an awesome novel-Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer. This novel is about two boys born on the same day in two different parts of the world. Kane is the son of a Boston millionare while Wladek(Abel) is a poor Polish immigrant. Both the men are destined for greatness. We follow them through their life  journey in which they come together to save each other and finally destroy each other. The book efficiently displays the irony of life- man’s rise to fall in moments, happiness to sadness in seconds, life to death within a blink of eye. Though I must admit that there are more deaths in this book than the hairs on my uncle’s head, this book is a must for adventure lovers and the emotional kind. Just have a go through it.